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Dog Walking

Volunteer Application

Thank you for choosing to support the Marion County Humane Society! Please take a moment to complete the volunteer application by clicking the Apply Now link. Upon review, the Volunteer team will be in touch regarding your application status and next steps. 

If you have any questions, please email

Volunteer Testimonials

I volunteer here because I love animals and find great joy in volunteering! I like to know that I’m helping these animals feel loved! I’ve learned more about the importance of adopting animals instead of shopping. Seeing how excited the cats and dogs are when we’re there makes my day! 




We started volunteering on Sundays with the dog walking group and it has been so much fun getting to know all of the cats and dogs and being included in such an interactive and accepting group. The staff truly care about the animals at the shelter and take such good care of them. Plus, the dogs and cats are so happy when they get visitors - really fulfills that part of me that wants ANOTHER pet! 




Dogs and cats here are so sweet as well as all of the amazing helpers! Would definitely recommend to find some amazing pets who need loving homes!




I used to volunteer here in high school before I graduated out of Melcher-Dallas. every time I go there they're always super nice, sometimes it takes a minute or two for them to talk to you because they're a little bit busy but all in all an amazing experience and I recommend if you'd like to get a pet you should go here! If you just have a little bit of free time and you just don't want to sit at home and watch TV go volunteer over there walk the dogs it's honestly amazing!

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