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Have you found a stray animal? We can help!

Tips if You Find a Stray Animal

  • Check for a collar or ID.

  • Alert your neighbors. Take a photo of the animal and share it with your community. Be descriptive, include the cross-streets where you found the animal.

  • Walk around the neighborhood. The owner may be out looking for their pet.

  • Check for a microchip. Bring the pet to the nearest vet clinic to get a microchip scan. 

If you find a stray animal, please call your local non-emergency police dispatch phone number and they will advise you on their process. 

When does a stray cat become yours?

The policy for the City of Knoxville is that a stray cat belongs to you if you give it food and water for 1 day.


Please call the non-emergency dispatch number to pick up the cat and bring it to MCHS rather than feeding it.

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