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Marion County Humane Society
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Happy Endings

Chitty and Debbie's Story

As a thunderstorm rolled in to Knoxville on August 4, 2016 Chitty was picked up by a Knoxville police officer.  Chitty was checked in to the shelter and it was discovered that he, did indeed, have a microchip.  After a call to the microchip company and being put in contact with the owner, it was discovered that Debbie's cat had been missing for an entire year!  The reunion of Chitty to Debbie made Debbie's day an unforgettable one.  We are thankful that we were able to help reunite this pair!



Fritter's Happy Ending

Meet the McMillan family!  Fritter has certainly helped to complete this family.  Six years ago, Russ had decided that they would not have any other pets.  Pat had been volunteering at the Marion County Humane Society for a couple of years already.  Then a mama rat terrier came in and had pups.  Pat finally convinced Russ to come out and see the mama and her litter. There was one male.  Russ walked in one day and said "We'll take the male."  Pat and Russ were able to adopt Fritter with a discounted fee because of the Pets for Seniors program.  Pat and Russ are the perfect example of never being too old for a pet!  The first two pictures are of Fritter when he was about 2 years old.  The Christmas picture was just taken this last year.  All three are absolutely thrilled with each other.  Fritter starts his day by sitting on Russ's lap, looking out the window, watching for squirrels.  During the day he enjoys his acreage, where Pat says he just sits on the deck and is thinking "look at this place, it's all mine".  After being treated by Russ during supper, he settles in at Pat's feet in the evening, for his tummy rubs!  This is a perfect example of never being too old to enjoy a pet!

Duece's Happy Ending

Duece wasn't a happy camper when he was brought to the shelter.  He was a one person dog, and because of his circumstances, he couldn't be with his person anymore.  It took awhile for staff and volunteers to be comfortable with Duece, including his forever Mama, Marnie!  But look at him now!  He loves his Mama, his new home, his soft and warm human bed, and bossing his other four-legged siblings!  Duece is living the good life!  Thank you Marnie, for taking a chance on him!